2PM tells Jaebeom to shut up?

A recent clip of 2PM including Jaebeom has surfaced that has Korean Hottests boiling with anger. The general interpretation that many Korean netizens have been making is that he is rudely interrupted by his fellow… Continue reading

Hottests are enraged with Taecyeon declaring a “new beginning”

The hot issue of Jaebeom’s permanent exit is still burning, however, it doesn’t seem like Taecyeon is helping to make the situation any better. Taecyeon has recently written a post to his fans to his… Continue reading

we are waiting for you JAE BEOM!!

Waiting for you – 재범을 위해 팬들이 만든 자작곡 고개 숙인 니 사진을 보며 나도 모르게 울컥 눈물이 두뺨을 타고 흘러 내 가슴까지 적셔 니 뒷모습은 내가슴 미어지게 하는 아무것도 할 수 없는… Continue reading

Major Hottest fancafe asks for international fans’ understanding

It’s been seven days since JYP Entertainment announced that Jaebeom would not be returning to 2PM, but the dust has yet to clear. In the aftermath of JYPE’s conference with Hottests regarding the entire matter, we saw… Continue reading

Transcript of JYPE’s conference about 2PM & Jaebeom – Pt 2

Q: Excuse me. May I add to my question? Host: Is this a related question? Then we’ll move on after that. Q: Junho said that Jaebeom did whatever he had done wrong repeatedly.… Continue reading

Jang WooYoung XD

fuh fuh fuh fuh fuh fuh fuh.. JANG WOO YOUNG!!!!!!!! kekekekekekekekke i love this namja so much.. :* kekekekeekekke.. gatau kenapa gw suka amat sama ni anggota 2PM!!!! lucu abis mukanya.. imut banget..… Continue reading


March 2 Jay walking to the gym. Title : ‘Six-pack’ Jaebum “In order to make my body, I stayed away from smoking and alcohol] Alcohol & cigarettes are a given, but he even… Continue reading

JaeBeom is Loved :)

“We’re not seven members, we’re ONE.” – Wooyoung “Let’s walk together.” – Chansung “…In the wind, the fall came. The scent of fall that suddenly came reminds me the memories. The high blue… Continue reading

“When you’re feeling falsely accused, let’s look at God’s bigger picture” – Jay’s Pastor

2OD’s translator note: I blocked out the pastor’s name in an attempt to protect people from finding out where Jay’s church is. His name might come out later from someone else, but for… Continue reading

everything i like

sebenernya gw gak tau ni mau percaya apa gak sama semua berita yang ada.. dari berita yang bilang kalo misalnya 5 anggota 2PM itu semuanya bisa dibilang kehidupan pribadinya gak baik.. antara percaya… Continue reading