Dear overseas ELF, we- V-ELF – really hope that you can come here and join in SS3 with us. SS3 in VN will be very special with lots of special stages of Super Junior Eeteuk and Heechul…And, maybe it’s the last time we can see Eeteuk and Heechul in Super Show before they attend military,…so we should cover the stadium with Sapphire Blue Ocean as a special gift for them.Besides, V-ELF are preparing lots of special projects for them, so, your present will make our projects become more successful…We always welcome you to our country. And becoz we are all ELF, we all love Super Junior, we’ll promise to help you with our heart ^^So, let’s order the ticket and go to Viet Nam in this May. We will share every moment in SS3…And we will be closer with other activities after the Show ended ^^If you want to see special stages of 83lines and EunHae, you should go to Viet Nam and enjoy SS3 in this May. I can’t be sure that V-ELF won’t make you disappointed, but I can sure 100% that Super Junior never let you down.They are preparing a lot for their special stages, and I think that they don’t want just V-ELF to see those stages.Super Junior wants both V-ELF and overseas ELF enjoy their stages, and be happy with their perfomances.

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seperti yang diketahui jika kurang dari 70% maka SS3 Vietnam terancam batal 😦 jadi tolong bantu V-Elf mensukseskan SS3 Vietnam :’) .. pada dasarnya gw gamau sampe ada yang merasakan seperti apa yg dirasakan sm Cassie indo gara-gara JYJ batal konser 😦 terulang dengan Elf Vietnam 😦 asli beneran gw GAK MAU! jangan biarkan mereka bersedih 😦