Holla-J. Cates

maybe you dont know it yet
got a secret that i keep
i dont wanna spoil it but it’s about you and me
dont know if i can hold this in
never felt like this before
maybe if you’re interested
i’ll tell you more

**you’re like the song that’s stuck inside my head wont go away
and i think about you every second and i just gotta say
how can i get your attention boy
am i getting through you
maybe we got some potential boy
who knows what we could be
so holla back to me

all you gotta do is talk to me
doesnt matter what you got to say
i just really wanna spend sometime

tell me that i’m not outta my mind
tell me that you feel the same way i do
i gotta know baby

back to **

take me into your arm
let me into your wolrd
cause i’m dying to see what’s inside
wanna dream what you dream
i wanna see what you see
and find out what makes you smile

back to **