Suju Quotes

ELF:”Wo cen de cen de xi huan ni ge ge | I really really like you, oppa (in Chinese).” Kyuhyun: “Weird words.(In Korean)” – UFO Reply

ELF: “I love Kangteuk the most!!!!” Eunhyuk: “Eunhae!” Kyuhyun: “KyuTeuk! Or KyuHyuk, KyuHae, KangKyu, KyuMin!” Eunhyuk:”YA!” – UFO Reply

ELF: “Oppa oppa oppa, I’m pretty, so marry me!” Heechul: “Even you’re prettier than Yoona, I won’t marry you.” – UFO Reply (2009) *LOL

KI: “When everyone was sleeping and I heard ‘yessir yesssir'(imitated gun noises).” KH: “It was in the middle of a really important [game.]”

DH: “KH why you’re so crazy over game?” KI: “Why?” DH:”He said AISSH really loud! and I was like, what’s wrong?? and he was like..”I lost!!”

Kyuhyun: “I can’t drink at all~ on rainy days..” Kangin: “Game?” Kyuhyun: “Game of course!” – Chunji Radio

Kangin: “Do you guys like it when it rains?” Kyuhyun: “When i’m outdoors, it’s annoying but when i’m indoors i like it.” – Chunji Radio

ELF: “I have nightmares, I can’t sleep It’s scary… Kyuhyun-ah, what are you doing? I really miss you.” Kyuhyun: “Wo xiang ni | I miss you^^

ELF: “Min oppa, I want to join your “Single’s Club”, please accept me, ok?” Kyuhyun: “The membership fees are 20k Won for 36 months.. Hello”

ELF: “Oppa, when will you be able to reply me? If you reply, I won’t eat for a whole week!!” Kyuhyun: “Please eat!! ^^” – UFO Reply

ELF:”I want to eat rice, oppa!” Kyuhyun:”Am I your umma?” ELF:”Please buy it for me.” Kyuhyun:”Don’t eat! Or you’ll be fatter.” – UFO Reply

ELF: “Let’s get into a relationship~” Kyuhyun: “I said Donghae hyung is mine, why would I want to get into a relationship with you?” – UFO

ELF: “Who is Donghae oppa?” Kyuhyun: “Donghae hyung is mine ^ ^” – UFO Reply

ELF: “Oppa, today I’m gonna book the Standing tickets, please pray for me~” Kyuhyun: “I don’t want to…” – UFO Reply

ELF: “Oppas are disliking Bobo and kissing recently.”Heechul: “We’ll do that when we think of ELF?” – UFO Reply *Bobo:Kiss

ELF: “I live for this Fishy Oppa~” Kyuhyun: “Thank you.” – UFO Reply

ELF: “Who are you~ I am ELF~ Who are you~?” Heechul: “How come you’re using informal language as you wish?” – UFO Reply

ELF: “What’s “Sexy Back”? Please explain, oppa~!!” Kyuhyun: “It seems like I should be explaining…” – UFO Reply

ELF: “Cho Kyuhyun has so many nicknames, it’s so tiring to memorize all of them!” Kyuhyun: “Who told you to memorized them?” – UFO Reply

ELF: “I love Cho Kyuhyun.” Kyuhyun: “Now I know, what’s called popularity…” – UFO Reply *LOL*

ELF: “Back to normal…” Kyuhyun: “You’ve gone mad.” – UFO Reply

ELF: “When was the first time you drank alcohol?” Kyuhyun: “What would you do if I told you?” – UFO Reply

ELF: “Handsome Kyu is silly.” Kyuhyun: “Then you’re silly too.” – UFO Reply

ELF: “Frying ham in sesame oil is nice!!” Kyuhyun: “So, you try eating!” – UFO Reply

ELF: “When you’re speaking on stage, please stand forward a little, Kyuhyun!” Kyuhyun:”The hyungs don’t let me interrupt them.” – UFO Reply

ELF: “Super Junior (are) silly~ Childish~~~Childish Junior~!!!!!” Kyuhyun: “Back at you!” – UFO Reply

ELF: “Oppa, just say anything please….ㅠㅠPlease Please Pleaseㅠㅠㅠ” Kyuhyun: “Anything.” – UFO Reply

ELF:”Oppa, say to me “SeoYoung-ah I love you” please?? Kyuhyun: “SeoYoung-ah I love you… But I love Sungmin hyung more.” – UFO Reply

ELF: “Pretty voice Kim Joong Woon I love you.” Kyuhyun: “Pretty mind ELF I love you.” – UFO Reply

ELF: “It’s too cold, the weather will blow you guys away.”Kyuhyun: “We are heavy, especially Shindong hyung. Kekekke~” – UFO Reply *LOL*

ELF: “Why do I love Super Junior?” Kyuhyun:”Because you love me.” – UFO Reply

ELF: “Donghae oppa~ Are you bored? lets go somewhere!” Kyuhyun: “Lets go, where? the beach?” – UFO Reply

ELF:”Oppa~ let my arrow stab your heart!♥” Donghae:”AH!^^” Kyuhyun:”He’s died.” – UFO Reply

ELF:”Hankyung oppa, you’re mine!” Kyuhyun:”He’s mine! Isn’t it hyung?” Hankyung:”I just repeat your words: I’M MINE.” – UFO Reply

ELF:”I love you Donghae oppa~” Donghae:”I love you more girl!” Kyuhyun:”Stop being player, hyung!” – UFO Reply

Kyuhyun:”Heechul annyeong.” Heechul:”Geez! This kid, am I your chingu??!” – Intimate Note

“I think my noona is more beautiful than Hyukjae’s hyung noona. Kkkekeke~” – Kyuhyun *Evil Kyu*

ELF:”Oppa~ I want to know your wish and hope that you want in 2010.” Kyuhyun:”Called all of hyungs, without hyung.” – UFO Reply *LOL*

ELF:”Heechul oppa, saranghaeyo!” Kyuhyun:”You’re the weird one.” – UFO Reply

ELF:”Ryeowook oppa, cooking for me please??” Kyuhyun:”He’s Kyusitter! He’s mine!” – UFO Reply *LOL*

ELF:”The way Eunhyuk oppa’s chest popping, really HOT!” Kyuhyun:”What if I was doing that? COLD?” – UFO Reply *LMAO*

“I share a room with kyuhyun and he seriously stays up till 5 in the morning on a date with the computer *jealousy*” – Sungmin

Sungmin:”Kyuhyun-ah, why when you’re sleeping you always snores loudly and you even drools too!” Kyuhyun:”Should I show you a mirror?”

KH (to KI):”I can’t stare you with another man, don’t give your heart to anyone else, you’re mine.” SM:”YA! You bastard!” – Intimate Note