KyuHyun’s Quotes :)

Kyuhyun: “Compared to you, I’m a genius.” – UFO reply to ELF who called him stupid. *LOLLL*

Kyuhyun : “If I have your heart, then I’m a life’s winner.”

Kyuhyun : “I’m not going to use any formal language. It is good to be anonymous..” – Intimate Note

ELF: “Do you want to go out with me, oppa?” Kyuhyun: “I said Donghae is mine. Why am I going out with you?”

ELF: “Most handsome member send me a reply please!” / Kyuhyun: “Me?”

ELF: “Oppa, should I choose EunTeuk or KangTeuk?” Kyuhyun: “KYUTEUK!”

Kyuhyun : “Because I’ve met you and because I’ve known you, I’m happy. I LOVE YOU.”

ELF: “I want to have your heart, oppa gives me a small place in your heart, ok ?” Kyuhyun: “Place in my heart is very expensive.”

ELF : “Donghae oppa, can I think about you?” Kyuhyun : “No, think about me!”

ELF : “Oppa, my nose keeps severely running because of sinuses so it’s strenous.” Kyuhyun : “Shall I blow your nose?”

Kyuhyun: “Fu wu yuan-rrrrrr!!!!” (Waiter!–> with a perfect Beijing accent)

“ELF: “Marry me, Oppa.” Kyuhyun: “When Sungmin allows”

Kyuhyun : “Whenever Sungmin hyung thinks about me, he cant concentrate on doing anything either.”