Eunhyuk, you cheater

–> it’s not mine, i got this from twitter account, credit to the person who has the account. I think it’s interesting so i posting it. Sankyuuu

H: Yah, Who are you looking for? I’m here! E: I’m checking the view!

E:” Okay, Hae is gone… Gonna go look…”

E: “Hmmm… Where are -they-?”

E : “Ah! Spotted one! yes! Gotta go… FAST”

E: “Khun! Hey!” N: “Hae?” E: “Don’t worry he wont find us.” N: “Good then!”

N: “good thing, Hae isn’t around..”

E: “hahaha! I got Khun.. Aren’t I good?”

Siwon: Yah! Why are you with Khun? not with Hae?” ha?” N: “Hyung, calm down…”

E; “Kyun, I’ll just meet you later…” N: “uhhhh” E: “sorry.” N: รt’s ok~ cya!”

E: “hey!” D: “Hey. What’s up a while ago.. with siwon…” E: “It’s nothing!”

D: “Yah!” E: “i’m just gonna go look around…”

E: “Ok.. Khun is a No-No now.. who’s next? Gonna look around….”

J: “Yah! Who were you looking for? Me” E: “huh? Ah! Junho!” E’s thought: He’s ok…

J: “I miss you…” E: “i know! hahaha! Wait It’s my turn now… Siwon just finished”

ost: “Success!” J: “Tha-” M: “hyung! that was so good!” E: “really? thanks!” J: “Why is it when minho appears it’s as if in eunhyuk’s eyes… i disappear like a bubble!

M: “that was good, hyung!” E: “thanks! Where’s Junho?”

M: “I don’t know… come, hyung! I’ll help you!” E:” thanks!”

M: “Hyung, wait… your face is wet…” D: Yah! It’s Donghae’s turn… If he sees us..” M: “So what?”

E: “But-” M: “It’s ok… ELF like Minhyuk~ It’s only EunHae”

E: “it’s not only Eunhae.. There’s minhyuk” M: “You’re so smart! You see, you understand what i mean… and you’re smiling… Because you know that I’m right~”

S: Yah! What are you doing! stay away from Eunhyuk… and you… stop being such a flirt and go to hae! He’s crying! and it’s your fault!”

E: “I need to go… I’ll go talk to you later..” M: “Ok, hyung… Sorry… I didn’t mean to… Make… Uhm… I’m” E: “It’s ok..”

E: Ok.. now where’s hae..?”M: He’s probably at the other side…” E: “ok… I’ll go now~”

E: “Where’s Hae?” D: “I’m right here… you just just pass by me… and you don’t even see me… you’re so bad!”

all credit is belong to the person who has this pic and story:EunHyuk Biased