UFO replies

[FAN] Lately I really hate oppa’s bobo kiss (?)
[HEECHUL] Doing this for ELF

[FAN] It’s raining today and I didn’t even bring my umbrella out, cold
[HEECHUL] Go (lol don’t really know what he said)

[FAN] I had seven classes today, but soon I’m going to go out and eat with my family, very happy
[HEECHUL] When I was younger I used to think going out to eat is a shorter name for international food

[FAN] I love oppa’s wink on Music Bank, I came back from heaven, please continue (?)
[HEECHUL] Eye hurts

[FAN] Wish Jungsu oppa good luck on being a solo MC, oppa can do it!! I will definitely wait for the 27th. Hwaiting!!
[DONGHAE] Although our Teuk hyung is still not used to it, he will still try his best. Please give a lot of support. ^^

[FAN] Sungmin oppa~~this bunny really looks like you~ smile.gif I really want to give it to you personally, please come to Shanghai โค
[SUNGMIN] What a cute bunny ^^

[FAN] Must sleep early tonight, good night oppas! (*w*)
[SHINDONG] Can’t sleep~^^

[FAN] Oppas why are you guys so skinny!! Gain more weight
[LEETEUK] Sorry…

[FAN] Oppa I need the front seat! (um something like that)
[KYUHYUN] The tickets for Super Show were all sold out in one minute

[FAN] I know what you guys did last night. Watch the road at night
[DONGHAE] Scared T T I didn’t commit a crime~

[FAN] Super Junior’s most handsome oppa. Please reply.
[KYUHYUN] Me? kekekeke

[FAN] Teuk oppa please say, “Hongje-dong’s cat is Yeonshinnae’s beauty” in KTR (um basically trying to say that Leeteuk is Kangin’s lol)
[KANGIN] Understood~ Leeteuk is mines~

[FAN] Donghae oppa~ let’s go to the musical together
[KYUHYUN] I can’t…

[FAN] World’s most handsome is Cho Kyuhyun
[KYUHYUN] I know

[FAN] Cold!! Cold Kyu!! Why do you give short answers all the time, really bad
[KYUHYUN] If you don’t like it than ok

[FAN] Oppa I’m bored, let’s play together~
[KYUHYUN] – – ?

[FAN] Ah!! Oppa~oppa will you appear in the UFO battle tomorrow?
[SUNGMIN] I’m from another planet~ need to go back in the UFO to go back to my planet~

[FAN] Oppa… I’m really sleepy… T T
[SUNGMIN] I’m sleepy too kekeke

[FAN] Oppa I’ll teach you a way to wake up from your dream how’s that?
[SUNGMIN] Don’t it’s scary..keke

[FAN] Oppa is stupid
[KYUHYUN] Compared to you I’m a genius

[FAN] ya!!

[FAN] Are oppas human? How can you guys be so handsome!!
[EUNHYUK] I’m not human~ I’m a jewel keke

[FAN] Oppa what are you doing?
[KYUHYUN] Sleeping

[FAN] Recently oppas are getting too cool
[KYUHYUN] No no I’m very cute

[FAN] You are mines
[KYUHYUN] I am mines

[FAN] Kyuhyun oppa is something wrong? Why are you so cold~
[KYUHYUN] …………………………..

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[ELF] I’m a big-ear ELF
[Heenim] Till the day all ELF become donkeys

[ELF] Oppa deul, I love all of you!! Marry U and Don’t Don are great! Please stay healthy and never forget us, ELF~ Please reply~
[Heenim] Reply.

[ELF] Oppa has a lot of kiss scenes lately, I don’t like
[Heenim] I always pretend that its to ELF?

[ELF] When we went to protest, we wore many clothes and went to protect the 13 of you, Oppa will stand by our side right?
[Heenim] No matter who said what, i’ll be forever on your side

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[FAN] Oppa looked very handsome in today’s Marry U perf
[DONGHAE] Thanks, I will work more hard ^^ Good night

[FAN] What are you doing ?
[DONGHE] I’m replying your mess haha

[FAN] Must go to bed ! Today must be healthy ^^
[DONGHAE] Today is so cold, isn’t it ? Must be careful not to catch a cold ^^ Good night ^^ Let meet Suju in your dream ~

[FAN] I didn’t watch Infinite Challenge to watch oppa in Sponge, did DongHae oppa receive help from God today, oppa answered so well !!
[DONGHAE] Must thank all of you, Suju is steady because of ELF ^^ Feel like eating ramen (instant noodle)

[FAN] Fighting
[DONGHAE] Thanks so much, I will work more hard

[FAN] There is still members who havent go to bed right now, isn’t it ? Must sleep early ~ I’m going to bed right now I’m very tired
[DONGHAE] Our ELF can’t be sick, must be careful of flu, let’s dream about us Suju and good night

[FAN] What are you doing, I have done everything haha
[DONGHAE] So you just stay like that haha

[FAN] Which oppa havent sleep yet so plz raise ur hand
[DONGHAE] Me me me ^^ Have a good dream and good night

[FAN] Oppas have gone to bed, have u entered dreamland yet ?
[DONGHAE] I’m preparing to enter the dreamland now ^^ so see you in my dreams ?

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