33 Facts about Ryeowook

anyong chingudeul ๐Ÿ™‚ apa kabar? aku posting beberapa fakta ttg uri eternal magnae yang lucu dan imut-imut, yang jago masak, yang kaya ibu-ibu (kabur sebelom di parut sama istri-istrinya wookie :D) hahahahaha :)) nikmatin ya, kalo aku nemu lagi, pasti aku posting ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

1.He always carries his mobile phone and wallet
2.He likes girls who sing well (ie. bada) and have nice necks.
3.He likes to get free makeup samples and never has an umbrella.
4.He plays the piano very well, and used to be quite chubby in school (weighed 80kg and lost 25kg).
5.He used to play the triangle in the school’s orchestra.
6.He had his 1st kiss when he was 7(unintentionally)
7.He lost his shoe during a Miracle performance in Feb.
8.He loves icecream and chocolates.
9.He sleeps a lot and can sleep up to 18 hrs a day!
10.He never irons newly bought jeans. And once he wears them, he never washes them for the longest time.
11.He has a mole on his rightt cheek. It’s quite prominent when he doesnt wear makeup.
12.He likes to write songs. He wrote Kangin’s and Yesung’s radio logo songs.
13.He likes to talk to people what he eats.
14.He likes chocolate on strawberries.
15.He can speak ‘broken’ English.
16.He is the 4th heavy drinker amongst SuJu members (Kangin is 1st ,Shindong is 2nd and kyuhyun is 3rd)
17.He is the 2nd wildest member after Kang In.
18.His favorite tv series is Prison Break
18.He loves to watch Winnie the Pooh. He likes to be Christopher Robin. If he can’t be Christopher Robin, he would like him to be his brother!!
19.He has a slight fear of hospitals
20.He’s the mother figure of the group
21.He’s the #1 fan of so nyeo si dae and usually listen to their songs.
22.His favorite part in the girls MV is when they kicked!
23.He’s donghae’s favorite dongsaeng!!!
24.He takes care of the group, even cooks their meal and always reminds them to eat their meals on time
25.He’s the 5th member of SES fans club (bada’s group)
26.He wears silk pajamas
27.He’s close with yesung’s dongsaeng
28.He lost his new pet, dabong, a terrier lately. he cried when it cannot be revived. he now bought a new one.

29.He had 5 ear piercings
30.according to kangin: Ookie looks innocent but he is really insolent!! (so much for homonyms)
31.During yesung and donghae’s airing:
YS : The one who is the most unlucky is Ryeowook.
DH : He is?where?No,he is so cute how can he be unlucky?
32.he quit the chunji and sukira radio guesting (Jan 14 & 16 respectively) due to unknown cause. Rumor has it that he will be placed on suju subgroup called suju china.
33. There was once when Ryeowook and Sungmin went to Kangin’s radio show.Everyone was chatting happily expect for him.Sungmin felt it immediately and asked him WHY ARE U SO QUIET?HAVE U DONE SOMETHING WRONG?He replied sadly that he thought todays live was open to viewers so he style his hair dressed and makeup but unfortunately today they are not going to open to allow viewers to see.When everyone heard it,they laughed so hard until they almost cried.
yeah.. that’s all..

source:ย http://hi-in.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=95697375851