Hottests are enraged with Taecyeon declaring a “new beginning”

The hot issue of Jaebeom’s permanent exit is still burning, however, it doesn’t seem like Taecyeon is helping to make the situation any better. Taecyeon has recently written a post to his fans to his individual fan-cafe (amazingly still up and running) about having a “new beginning”, supposedly a subtle message of his feelings in regards to the Jaebeom-controversy.

“It’s a new beginning. Shall we start it together?,” Taecyeon clearly states in his post.

Many netizens – that is, the Hottests included – have put Taecyeon under fire with speculations suggesting that the purpose of such message was to officially declare a fresh new start for 2PM, without their former-leader, Jaebeom… almost as if he has now taken the position.

Nonetheless, JYPE has made their defense already through the press, by revealing,

“The fancafe where Taecyeon left his message at is actually one of the very few websites that has not closed down yet, as they continue to show their unwavering support for him. [Because of this,] Taecyeon wanted to show his gratitude to the fans by leaving this message.”

Hottests, to no surprise, do not seem to agree with JYPE:

“I now begin to question the true meaning behind the message.”
“All I can do is just sigh in frustration.”
“It scares me. How he can even think of it in that way?”

It sure does not seem like the dust will soon be settled with more and morecontroversies are being added to the scene. Will 2PM ever be the same again?