March 2

Jay walking to the gym.

Title : ‘Six-pack’ Jaebum “In order to make my body, I stayed away from smoking and alcohol] Alcohol & cigarettes are a given, but he even stayed away from coffee; that’s how much he cared about his body.

[WILD BUNNY EP. 01] – Jay drinks a korean rice drink, while Taec and Chansung drank beer.

[SANGSANG+] He said his dream was to make enough money for his mom to live comfortably.

For the first 2 months he came to korea, he called his mom and little brother every night. And after every phone call, he would cry himself to sleep.

He always cared for his dongsengs.

[JoKwon during a radio interview] “During our trainee days, we were all very poor but once I said to Jaebum that I liked a certain sneaker, I don’t even remember telling him but he did and for my birthday he bought it for me. That’s the gift I remember the most.”

[Interview from WILD BUNNY PD]
S: (On wild bunny) sometimes you act like a fool.
J: Uhmm, that’s because.. the members seemed so down, I tried to make the filming more enjoyable for them.
Even the PD said he’s all jokes in front of the camera but he was a really caring hyung behind it.

Jay took glucosamine pills

2PM.. Acrobat Idols; Beast Idols. I’m not saying Jay did it alone, but he sure did a lot of work for them to just throw away.

Jay’s wrist injury.

Even raising his arm hurt him on this day.

On that same day, he did this. He never complained.

Cuts on his hands, bruises on his ankles.

Others ignored, but Jay bowed 90 degrees

착하게 살고 싶다. 가족들에게 자랑스러운 아들이 되고싶고 사람들에게 좋은 사람이 되고 싶다.
I want to live a nice life. I want to become a proud son to my family. I want to become a nice person to everyone.

“일단 사랑하는 가족들과 친구들, 팬들과 가까운 사람들이
내가 열심히 하는 모습을 보고 ‘나도 열심히 살아야겠다’는 생각을 하면 좋겠다.”
When asked what his future plans were : “First of all, I want my family, friends, fans, and the people close to me to watch me try my best and in return think ‘i should try my best too’.

park jaebeom hope you’ll get happily ever after